Class Upgrades

Up to and including Final Closing Date

(18 February 2018)

Up to and including the final closing date of entries if your dog has qualified for a title and you have applied for the title with your member body then you can edit your dog’s titles in K9 Entries and then edit the classes for Nationals. The system will help you by advising which classes you are no longer eligible for.

You can upgrade classes yourself up until end of entries close which is 18 February 2018.


After Final Closing Date

The Nationals Working Group Trial Secretary will be accepting class upgrades after the closing date. For an upgrade your request MUST be emailed to [email protected]. Private messages and FB posts will not be accepted. Unfortunately, PMs are often reviewed during the day, but then can be lost amongst other messages by the time we get home.

The final date we will be accepting upgrades will be midnight 29 March 2018. This date is in line with the close off for trials preceding Nationals in Victoria and their upgrade dates, that is Agility Dog Club, Border Collie Club and Moorabbin. So, if you have entered these trials and Nationals your classes should be the same.


Upgrades and Catalogue

As you can appreciate it takes time to organise thousands of entries and to create a catalogue ready for publishing. Catalogue preparation will commence soon after the final closing date (18 February 2018). Therefore, once this process commences, upgrades accepted after 18 February 2018 MAY NOT appear in the printed catalogue in the upgraded class. They will however appear in the correct classes in the online K9 Entries system and on the steward’s assembly sheets. More than likely you will appear at the end of the class.

DO NOT ask us to update the printed catalogue.


Titles Gained after 29 March 2018

After the final upgrades date of 29 March 2018 - if your dog gains a title just before Nationals (ie Easter trials, Moorabbin or Border Collie trials) and you gain the qualifications for your next title – PLEASE DO NOT update the titles for your dog in the K9 Entries system. Leave the dogs titles as is – and then update after Nationals.

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