Agility Nationals Victoria 2018

Hosted by DOGS Victoria

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Venue:                    KCC Park, Western Port Highway, Skye

Dates:                     11-15 April 2018

VCA Representatives

Lea Cogley

Dawn Howard

Trevor Moore


Closing Dates:           Early Bird:         30th December 2017

                                Final Close:       18th February 2018

                                Teams:             18th February 2018

Online:                      K9 Entries. Online/Paperless/Electronic Entries – Preferred

Paper:                       Trial Secretary, PO Box 208, Nar Nar Goon 3812

Payment:                   Paypal - see K9 Entries

                                 Cheques payable to ‘DOGS Victoria’.

Note you can process your entry online, print out the entry and send a cheque should you wish.

Please ensure you send any paper entries or cheques well before closing dates to ensure that they arrive on time. No late payments or entries will be accepted.


Early Bird Entry Fee:     $12.00      Agility, Jumping, Snooker & Gamblers classes

                                     $9.00      Strategic Pairs (per dog)

Standard Entry Fee:       $15.00     Agility, Jumping, Snooker & Gamblers classes

                                    $12.00     Strategic Pairs (per dog)

Catalogue: $40.00 pre-ordered/pre-paid with entries, or available online at

Extra Fees: There are NO processing or extra fees on your entries. So, no extra costs on checkout 😊

Enquiries: Trial Secretary -  Nikki Janetzki Ph: 0403 212 226 (no calls after 9PM)

                                         Emails preferred: [email protected]

Teams Event:                Nil fee

Junior Teams Event:      Nil fee


Awards/prizes will be provided for:

Heats:                          Rosettes and Prize for 1st-3rd - Qualifying Runs ONLY

Finals:                          Rosettes and Prize for 1st-3rd

Teams:                         Rosettes and Prize for 1st-3rd

Qualification ribbons will be available. Title ribbons will be available, however will need to be requested.

Pass Cards will be available on the following day for non-placegetters.


Registration will be open on Tuesday 10th April between 12 noon and 5pm. Everyone competing is expected to register at this time. Each dog will be allocated ONE number for the entire event. One card will be provided for the handler to wear and a second card - along with card holder and cable tie - will be provided for the handler to attach to the dog's leash. Handlers may attach the card holder to the leash using an alternative method e.g. carabiner. Both handler and dog MUST be wearing the correct card number on entering the ring.


There will be no vetting. However, the Committee and officials of the Nationals reserves the right to inspect a bitch at any time. As per rule 4.6 Bitches in season are not permitted to compete in trials or be within the trial precincts. Any entrant that is found to be running a bitch in season or has a bitch in season within the trial precincts will be banned from running any dog in any further events. All dogs owned by the entrant will also be banned from running in any further events. Exceptions are any dogs in co-ownership that do not live with the banned entrant. Any finals spots that may have been achieved by the banned entrant (regardless of the dog) will also be deemed ineligible for finals.

Note: There will be areas at KCC Park which do not form part of the trial precincts.

Bitches in Season Refund Policy

If a bitch comes into season prior to registration, a full refund will be given for that bitch (no other dogs/bitches owned or handled by the owner).

If a bitch comes into season after registration proof will be required by vetting. If deemed in season a full refund will be granted for that bitch (no other dogs/bitches owned or handled by the owner) for the remainder of classes. Arrangements for vetting to be made with the Trial Secretary.

Trial Secretary must be notified in writing for refund to be processed.

Height Cards

As per rule 4.3 all dogs must have a Height Card prior to competing in any ANKC trial. Please ensure you bring your height card with you as proof of your dog’s height as this will be required at Check-in. If you are unable to locate your height card, you will need to contact the Agility Committee in your State to have a new card issued. The Nationals Working Group and Judges may also request to sight your Height Card and/or ask that your dog be measured.

Lunch Break

There will be a designated lunch break each day for ALL rings from 12.00pm - 12.45pm. Rings will re-start at 1.00pm. Judges will be given discretion to adjust times where there are a small number of dogs to complete the ring.

Public Toilets

Competitors are reminded that they are NOT to use the basins in the toilet blocks to soak cool coats. Water dripped on the tiles is an extremely serious OH&S issue. There are taps available around the grounds.


Presentations will be conducted at the end of each day in the Pavilion, where awards will be presented for 1st to 3rd Place. Photos of handler and dog for each placing will be taken with the judge after each class has been presented. This will be in a dedicated area away from the presentation area so as to ensure presentations are completed as soon as possible.

BYO Chair for presentations.

Presentations for Teams, Junior Teams and Heat Finals will be on Sunday. Presentations for Games will be on the day of the event.

Additional Conditions of Entry

Entrants agree that they accept the conditions included in this schedule and those under the ANKC rules as available here:

For the purposes of these conditions the ‘Nationals’ is the 5 days being held on 11-15 April 2018 inclusive.

  • No late entries accepted. Your entry includes payment, if payment has not been received by the closing date your entry will be deemed as not being received.
  • No e-cheques accepted.
  • Committee reserve the right to move classes to another ring, or another day in the event of an excess number of entries to any class.
  • Committee reserve the right to substitute, appoint or change judges as required. Notice will be provided.
  • Committee reserve the right to move any classes to another day in the event of circumstances outside of their control. This includes once the Nationals have commenced.
  • No refunds will be provided after the close of entries.
  • No refunds will be provided in the event that a judge has to be replaced on the day of the class due to circumstances outside of Committee control, such as but not limited to: illness or for personal reasons.
  • No refunds will be provided in the event that any part of the Nationals is cancelled, postponed, moved or delayed for circumstances outside of Committee control.
  • KCC Park is a venue where entire dog and bitches are present at conformation shows on a regular basis therefore there will have been bitches in season on the grounds prior to the Nationals event.

Schedule of Classes

Judging Commences:                          8:30AM


***Please note: Courses will be nested between each class scheduled on the day to minimise course changes. This is with the exception of the 200/600 ring where it is expected that jumps/tyre/tunnels are moved to allow appropriate distances for each height.


***Day 4 Open Classes: You can enter all Open classes available. Whilst all Open classes start at the same time, everyone is placed in 1 of 6 groups. Each group will run 1 Open class and then all the groups will rotate to another ring.




Full Schedule PDF  

Schedule (Classes Only) Colour PDF

Schedule (Classes Only) No Colour PDF


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