Marquee Hire

Bookings Closed. Payment Due NOW.

See Registration & Gazebos for Marquee Allocation

Bookings open from 2nd January - 18th February 2018, at supplier request, from Instant Marquees. All bookings via email: [email protected]

3m x 3m- $275
3m x 6m- $395.

This price includes delivery, setup and take away.

Plastic chairs ($4 each) and trestle tables ($16 each) can also be hired.

All payments to the company must be completed by close of entries, either by credit card or direct deposit.

When booking please advise what your first and second choice ring number is that you would prefer to be closest to.

Some spaces are being reserved for judges, officials and workers of the Agility Nationals. Therefore there are no guarantees that hired marquees will be placed ringside depending on availability of space, location and the size of marquee ordered. Spaces are also being made available ringside for people bringing their own gazebos.

When booking, please quote "Agility Nationals 2018".


Hired Marquees & BYO Gazebos - will I get ‘the best spot’

This is a question that we have been asked quite a lot along with a number of other questions... So where is ‘the best spot’ and will I get it? To be honest, we don’t know! As that will differ greatly between individuals, their dogs, who they want to sit with, do they want to be ringside or do they want to sit under the trees in a bit more peace.

A few have even advised us ‘I don’t want to pay $XXX if I’m going to be out the back’ - I’m not sure where ‘out the back is’ but many of you are looking at this with the wrong attitude. Hiring a marquee is not and should never be about securing ‘the best spot’ it should be about not having to lug your own gazebo when you’ve got limited space and travelling over 1000(s) kilometres to get here. If you don’t want to pay the money for that service, then bring your own.

So why can’t we tell you exactly where you will be? There are a number of reasons why we can’t advise you nor guarantee where you will be located right now as this depends on a number of things:
- Size and number of marquees in your booking
- Requested location
- Availability of requested location
- Total number of marquees being hired overall
- Suitability of area for the number of marquees that you have ordered
- Making sure judges, officials and other helpers have spaces allocated.
- Hire company requirements for erecting and location of marquees.
- weather!! We live in Melbourne and therefore have to consider that the weather could throw us anything. Therefore we are trying to ensure that locations and foot traffic are going to be suitable based on the ground conditions we are presented with at the time of Nationals. This may not be decided until the weekend before depending on what the weather presents us with.

So as you can see getting ‘the best spot’ is not as simple as saying ‘I want to be here’ and paying your money - which is why we are asking for you to provide your 1ST and 2ND choices of the Rings that you wish to be closest to. We also have to ensure that our local Victorians and many others who will more than likely be bringing their own gazebos have as much access to ‘the best spot’ that everyone else does.

The Nationals Working Group are trying to help you acquire hired marquees for YOUR benefit, not ours - for us this actually means more work. We get nothing out of it! So please help us by providing the information requested - we will then work with the hire company and take into consideration all the items listed above to try to fit everyone into A SPOT. It might not be ‘the best spot’ but you will have one AND you won’t have to bring it or put it up!

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