Catalogue & Etiquette




This Trial is held under the Rules and Regulations of the VCA (trading as Dogs Victoria) as well as the ANKC Agility Rules- copies of the which may be perused at the office of the Trial Secretary.

Committee reserve the right to:

  • move classes to another ring, or another day in the event of an excess number of entries to any class.

  • substitute, appoint or change judges as required. Notice will be provided.

  • move any classes to another day in the event of circumstances outside of their control. This includes once the Nationals have commenced. 



There are mulitple bins located around the event grounds for the disposal of pet waste and general rubbish. Please pick up after your dog and dispose of all rubbish thoughtfully.


Dogs Victoria Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in an area 20 metres from any ring in which an exhibition is taking place or 20 metres from any food vendor located on the showground.


Ring Equipment - All Competitors

Competitors are reminded that they are NOT to move numbers and equipment in the ring unless instructed to do so. If you have a safety concern or would like a number moved for better visibility ASK your judge. 


Split Walking Groups & Open Groups

Classes have been split into separate walking’s to reduce traffic whilst reviewing courses. Please ensure that you only walk in the Group that you are allocated to unless you have a clash and are unable to walk. Please let your steward know that you will walk in the next Group and in this situation, you will be the first dogs to run in the following groups running order.

Group 1 will walk and then run, followed up Group 2 who will walk and then run and so on. To be fair to all, walking of courses will be 10 minutes only – this will be timed.

We have tried to organise the Groups for Open classes based on Handlers and their dogs so that Handlers are in the one group. However, this was not always possible when handlers had dog’s in multiple height categories. This was based on the Handlers registration number therefore if you have multiple handler numbers, unfortunately you may be in separate groups.

Committee reserves the right to change should the need arise. 


Ring Assembly Area – Food & Toys

Each ring will have an Assembly Area clearly marked with Entry and Exit points. Entry will be on the left, exit on the right.
The Assembly area has been divided into 3 sections and we ask that Handlers keep their dogs in their own section. This is to ensure that dogs do not feel crowded in the Assembly Area and Handlers have sufficient space to keep their dogs warm prior to going into the ring.

Food & Toys will be allowed in the Assembly Area but must be left in the receptacles provided prior to entering the competition ring. The following rules apply:

  • Food is to be kept in a small container with a secured lid that cannot be easily displaced.

  • Toys are to be small, noiseless and must not leave the handlers body whilst in the Assembly Area.

  • Items are to be retrieved immediately after exiting the competition ring and will be accessible from outside the Assembly Area.


Notifying Stewards of Clashes

At any trial you can expect to encounter clashes of rings and our wonderful assembly stewards will do their best to assist with this. Please ensure you notify your stewards when this is the case and be aware that we will have the ‘3 dogs locked in’ system in operation at all rings to ensure that the rings are kept moving. These 3 dogs will be in the fenced Assembly Area just outside the ring.

Stewards will be keeping to as close to running order as possible.


Lunch Break

There will be dedicated lunch break which will occur from approx 12 noon – until 12:45pm. Rings will recommence promptly at 1pm – therefore please ensure you are back at rings ready to go at this time. Rings may go over the 12 noon time if there a few dogs left in that class or walking group. Nationals Working Group reserves the right to change should the need arise.


Live Results and Ring Progress

Agility Nationals Victoria will be using the K9Entries system to record all results from the Agility Nationals excluding the Teams Events. This will mean that everyone can access the results live from their mobile device by going to -> Competition Listing -> Select VIC and then search for Nationals. The current day competitions will be displayed.

There is an option to see just your dog’s information by purchasing the K9 Achiever option – which is only $15 for 12 months. It’s well worth it even if you just purchase for Nationals.



Whilst KCC Park is a private facility it is open to the public and therefore we can not guarantee the safety of anything left unattended. There unfortunately have been incidents of theft where wallets, phones and other items have been stolen from within gazebos and cars – including smashing windows to get to them. Therefore, we highly recommend that you DO NOT leave valuables unattended at any time.

We have hired security at night time and the facility will be locked after 9PM however the onus is completely on the individuals in terms of any items left at the Park.



Presentations will be conducted at the conclusion of each day’s events after all rings are finished. These will be conducted in the Pavillion – BYO chair (no metal feet). Dogs are permitted in the Pavillion, however to keep the noise levels down please only bring dogs that have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Photos of handler and dog for 1st, 2nd and 3rd regardless of qualification will be taken for publication on the website. This will be in a dedicated area away from the presentation area so as to ensure presentations are completed as soon as possible.

Presentations will not be in the order of Rings – this is due to making it fair for all heights as well as allowing time for photos to be take of each class.

There will be no vendor trading during presentations.


Gazebos & Marquees

A map will be available of where Gazebos and Marquees can and can not be placed. Please be considerate of your fellow competitors especially in areas were multiple rows will be required.

There will be no setting up of crates, mats or any other area for competitors in the Pavillion – this is for Vendors and Presentations only. Vendors who are also competitors have special permission to have their dogs with them in the Pavillion in crates or trolley. Other extenuating circumstances may be considered.



All toilets at KCC Park are connected to a septic system therefore only toilet paper is to be flushed. Sanitary items are to be placed in recepicles provided. We don’t want the toilets blocking up over the week and this is generally the reason why they do become blocked.

Competitors are reminded that they are NOT to use the basins in the toilet blocks to soak cool coats. Water dripping on the tiles is an extremely serious OH&S issue. There are taps available around the grounds. 


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