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Entries close 18 February 2018




The Nationals Working Group is pleased to announce that we will be running a Junior Teams event at the 2018 Agility Nationals. We are very excited to run this to support and promote our Junior competitors and really hope that everyone gets behind it.


The Junior Team event will be run under the same rules as the standard Teams event with the exceptions of:

  • Team will consist of a maximum of 2 handlers and 2 dogs from each State/Territory
  • Both team scores will count. In the event that a Team only has one handler/dog then the average score of all dogs’ results will be used for the missing handler/dog
  • Handlers are to be aged 7 and under 18 as at 11 April 2018.


It is anticipated that this Event will be run on the day of finals on a 500 Excellent Agility and 500 Excellent Jumping course. The course will be adjusted as required for each dog's height (200, 300, 400, 500 or 600). To run the event a minimum of 3 Teams is required.


Handlers must be a member (or family member) of their State Member Body.


Entries close 18 February 2018






Rules for the Conduct of National Agility Teams Events


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